N1 Golf Foundation is an inclusive charity dedicated to bringing the game and benefits of golf to a wider audience through free access, training and support from our pros at all of our sites. We pride ourselves on bringing golf to those who are disadvantaged or marginalised and would perhaps not otherwise have the opportunity to learn and play the sport.

Our work at the Foundation is guided by four key objectives:

  1. To bring golf to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  2. To encourage and support new young players to take up the sport and enjoy a healthy sporting lifestyle
  3. To demystify the sport and help everyone learn and enjoy golf to their potential
  4. To provide pathways to achievement through highlighting education and employment opportunities within the golf industry

We believe that golf should not be reserved for people from particular social groups or backgrounds but should be inclusive and open to all people. We have seen first hand, the difference and discipline a sporting habit can have on young people and the opportunities that can open as a result of their involvement.

If you would like to arrange a session with us or would like to involve your charity, school or community group, please get in touch to find out more.